It is in responce to this context that Maths & Science offers a bouquet of interrelated products and services as a holistic intervention that is geared to bring nothing short of a positive turnaround towads new trajectory of maths science and engineering as a whole in our South African schools.


Intensive learner seminar or class tutoring which in turn are informed by base line assessments to establish how much of what topics, concepts and remedial action needed then tailor make the best solution.


The empowerment of educators with new learning tools and methodologies and sharpening their skills for improved learning and teaching in the classroom as informed by a teacher aligned skills audit .Methodologies and leaning tools also in turn enables educators to stimulate learner
xcitement and improve learners positive attitudes towards maths and science.


Unemployed graduates in the maths, science and engineering sector are acquired through strategic partnership with universities which are then intensively and high quality inducted by the experts on didactics and pedagogics of teaching maths and science . The tutors are then strategically placed at the school and teamed up with expects. Upon completion of the intervention the tutors are delivered to the department or schools to absorb.


Science is a practical subject, teaching of which cannot be done properly only in theory form. For proper education of science, it is necessary to conduct various kinds of experimental works, which are practical in nature. Stats and school based research indicate that best results are derived from schools that have access to laboratories.


Hosting of career exhibition weeks with MSET companies, organizations and invitation of young scientists, mathematicians, technologists, specialists whom originate from the communities where the intervention is taking place to share their experiences and universities to share post matric education, motivation and career guidance. “I walked the very same road, poorer than you perhaps, drank the same water yet I achieved my dreams so can you”


Providing strategy development and program implementation management which assist to project manage the entire project in an effectiveness and sustainable manners, including project monitoring, review/evaluation and reporting. The organization also possess expertise in providing necessary governance support to government and corporates when performing charity work and
how best to handle and report on donations received (as guided by the Corporate Governance framework for Public Services).